Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All About Jessica. And Louise Fili. And cookies.

I thought it only fitting that, because I began profiling contemporary designers, this blog would not be complete unless I force fed some more Jessica Hische down your throats and dedicated an entire post to her. And her one-time employer, Louise Fili.

Much to the chagrin of all of you, I am actually not going to post any additional design work from Ms. Hische. Not that there isn't any more. Far far far from it. However, I am instead going to share some of her insights on designing, working, and being creative. She is amazingly accomplished for someone so young, and as a soon-to-be-graduate myself, I think it is really great to hear from someone who was in the same place not so long ago. I am almost creeping myself out because I feel like I am talking about her as if I know her, so I apologize in advance. Jessica, if you ever read this (not terribly likely, considering I have 7 followers) I swear I am not scary, or dangerous, or have stalkerish tendencies; I just really love and respect your work and am constantly inspired by it!

She writes extensively about her process of design, her inspiration, clientele, etc, but she also gets into the nitty gritty, answering questions about life after college and the subsequent change in her work,  her experiences as an intern, why she left her Senior Design position at Louise Fili to go the freelance route, and all the while offering real applicable advice, it seems specifically toward young designers. She then answers fun questions like "Are you a serif or a sans-serif kinda girl?" or "What do you feel about anti-font campaigns like “Ban Comic Sans” are they valid?"

She also recently redesigned her website, adding a fun little feature: you can now view her page in "Normal Mode"....

or in "Teen Girl Mode", complete with lime green and magenta Comic Sans, sparkly stars, and a wolf family. I swear, this girl cracks me up!!!!

As for Louise Fili, the gourmet packager extraordinaire, she is somewhat of an icon in the design world. After working for Herb Lubalin and Pantheon Books, she established Louise Fili Ltd in 1989. The firm specializes in logo, package, restaurant, and book design; if you are from Long Island, you will know her from the beautiful Tate's Bake Shop packaging which house the most sinfully delicious chocolate chip cookies ever to exist. I'm serious. They melt in your mouth.

Daily Drop Cap "I". I really will continue to do my own. I swear. But when time allows....

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