Monday, April 18, 2011

Vivez la Langue

Because I just like to make myself miserable, I am dedicating yet another post to my study abroad experience. It's just because EVERYTHING in Europe is so thoroughly amazing. I can't help it.

Though I was studying and traveling primarily in and around Italy, I did get the opportunity to go to Paris for a week. [Sighhh] I may, or may not, have actually cried when we landed at Charles du Gall (which we eventually learned to correctly pronounce "sha-doo-gull"). I was that excited. Paris is just such a majestic and romantic city from the wide tree-lined avenues to the breathtaking architecture. And the crepe stands at every corner. It's no wonder that Paris has inspired generations of artists. As part of Education First's Live the Language Campaign, they created absolutely beautiful videos for the cities Paris, London, Barcelona, and Beijing.  Each video features, what I am going to call "city-specific type" to illustrate various vocabulary words.

Vivez la Langue (Live the Language): Paris

And now I officially have the travel bug. Again.

The Daily Drop Cap "b". Brilliant.

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