Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Designer Profile: Ro&Co

Whilst perusing around online one day, most likely for several hours as you know so often happens (I'll say it was raining so I don't feel too unproductive), one site lead to another site, with lead to a blog, and I happened across the local NYC Tribeca-based Ro&Co Design Firm. Well, I was initially drawn to the mauve-y pink and black color combo and serifed type, to be completely honest. But then as I looked through their portfolio of work, I was so impressed and really inspired by the variety of their design projects.

According to their mission, "RoAndCo is a multi-disciplinary design studio devoted to holistic branding that serves a range of fashion, art, and lifestyle clients." Headed by award-winning Creative Director Roanne Adams, the team collaborates on of wealth of different mediums, ranging from the usual branding and print design, to packaging, video, web, book, textile, and environment design, as well as art direction. The Ro & Co aesthetic is beautifully refined, and at the same time young and fresh. Sooo uh, hiring any time soon....?

 On the "about" page on their website, they listed their "Methodology", five things they follow as designers, which I thought was interesting and really sweet in a way. I think it is comforting to know that there are work environments (specifically design firms) where the people are not only creative, but also smart (as evidenced by their design work), and that really honestly want to do good a good job!

Methodology: Five Things We Follow
1. Clients are involved, clients are listened to, clients are inspiration.
2. Challenging and moving beyond what’s already been done is just the beginning.
3. Different for different’s sake: Wrong. Uncommon ideas that are intuitive and exciting: Right.
4. Old meets new. Masculine meets feminine. Capturing the balance is what brings our branding to life.
5. The consumer is as important as the client. We consider how the message is delivered on paper, over the web, and into your iPhone from here to Tanzania.

Daily Drop Cap "W". Wunderbar.

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