Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have I said I LOVE Anthropologie?

More like thoroughly and completely OBSESSED with Anthropologie. They have such a wonderfully artistic team creating all of their installations and window displays. I have always loved Anthropolgie's displays because they are not only beautiful, but perpetually innovative as well. They are young, fun, clever, and have a wonderful sense humor, especially when incorporating found and recycled objects within the displays. Here are a few of my recent favorites....

Many of their installations using found objects remind me of the Russian Constructivist assembled sculptures of the early 20th century. Constructivism was an art movement founded by artists Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Rodchenko as a reaction to the autonomous and 'impractical' art of Suprematism. Constructivists renounced “art for art’s sake” to devote themselves to industrial design, visual communications, and applied arts for social purposes. These sculptures have paved the way for contemporary art installations and, as in the case with Anthropologie's displays, have become part of mainstream culture and society. Below are two examples of these assembled sculptures, both created by Vladimir Tatlin in the 1910s. You can see similarities between Tatlin's and Anthropologie's work in terms of the materials used, such as wood, metal, string, paper, and fabric. Although the Russian avant garde community may not have envisioned a dress made of teapots, I still think they would appreciate the innovation ;)
Thanks Jessica Hische and The Daily Drop Cap for this cool jewel mosaic "M"

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